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Because Bloggers Are Apparently Super-Planners, Or, Announcing Katherineapalooza XXX Really Early

March 26, 2009

Dear Ladies And Gentlemen of Blogland:

It has recently come to my attention that some enterprising, over-achieving Blogger (you know who you are) has sent out an evite for a small picnic the day of May 16. It involves drinking in the afternoon and knowing the attendees, they will participate. Heavily.

In order to encourage them to pace themselves and to better preserve participation in Katherineapalooza XXX (otherwise know as My 30th Birthday Party, Bitches!), I am hereby putting out a Virtual Save The Freakin’ Date. Because apparently, this is necessary a month and a half in advance. Loves.

So, whatcha need to know:

Who: All the cool kids

What: Katherine in a personalized tee, doing her best White Girl Jive, most likely flashing her boobs for shots and other assorted debauchery. There will be pictures. And possibly video.

When: May 16th at Late O’Clock

Where: Wonderland Ballroom

Why: Because Katherine is turning XXX!

Hugs and Kisses,