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The Cool Kids Are Doing It: Bloggerational Ball 2009

January 18, 2009

Good morning, Seven Loyal Readers! I am anxiously trying to figure out how I’m getting across the Potomac today, thanks to all the Inaugural bridge closings. It’s looking more and more like a midday swim is in my future. But never fear! I’ll be dethawed and wearing party shoes in time for tonight’s Bloggerational Ball! Just a quick reminder that it’s at The Reef in AdMo (Google map here). Festivities begin at 8 pm. I’ll be the one holding vodka. And having recently viewed the Guesty List, I thought why not give some link love to the bloggers who are coming (this in no way represents all the attendees, just the oversharer contingent). So, in no particular order…

PS — If I left you out, please email me at whoinventedroses at gmail or leave a comment and I will amend once I am done pole vaulting over the river.