The Roses

I’m just another person engaged in some sort of professionalish career, exploring the fantastical age of 30 and trying to get my life “together” while still having a few laughs. If it involves Diet Coke, shoe shopping, Chipotle, generally causing a ruckus or other shenanigans then I have probably at least thought about doing it.

Likes: The CW and teen dramas, vodka, the antics of tourists, cupcakes and granny panties.

Dislikes: Continuous Metro Humiliation, empty Brita pitchers, doing laundry and bunnies.

Some Life Goals: keeping Bionic Kitty alive, streaking at the OSU vs. Michigan game and not getting arrested and maybe paying off my student loans before I die.

Acknowledged Heros include, but are not limited to: Joss Whedon (who I want to do nasty things to), Pacey Whitter, the inventor of Pez, Kristen Bell and anybody who uses pink highlighters proudly and forcefully.

Alternative Career Choice: Being the Voice of Reason.

Preferred Method of Contact: or Pony Express

8 Responses to “The Roses”

  1. Columbus Travel Gal Says:

    Dear “Roses” Girl,

    Is everything okay with you? Where have you been? Hope you’re doing well. I’m missing the witty blog entries. Please update soon!

    Best Regards,

    Columbus Travel Gal

  2. Dave Says:

    I was just noticing that line ‘who invented roses” in the Dar song “what do you hear…” and it struck me.

    It seems come from nowhere and be totally countertextual, and yet at the same time is completely awesome.

    What do you think it means?

    Great blog – glad to see you are gilmore girls fan – it was best dialog on TV

  3. kjohnsonesq Says:

    Hey Dave:

    I take it to refer to who invented compass roses; as in the map. Hence the masthead. I am sure there are a zillion and one other meanings and that Dar had something else entirely in mind when she wrote it. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter. I love the song, and as with all the music we latch onto as individuals, it speaks to me in a personal way. FYI, the lyrics were the first post on this blog.

    Thanks for the compliment. Come back again!! I need seven loyal readers!

  4. Rosslyn Jenn Says:

    just stumbled upon your blog…through

    love love love it!

    so much commiserating with the metro rides!


  5. awalkabout Says:

    A legalish career? I thought I was the only one who had that after 20 years and 10,000 clients….

  6. charlotte harris Says:

    Just found your blog via DC BLogs link to your cab ride post. I read a few more and think you’re hilarious… or at least hilarious things happen to you lately! I’ll be back to read more 😉

  7. Secular Friend Says:

    I use pink highlighters. And I’m not afraid to, either. Those bitches are bright.

  8. evier Says:

    I just stumbled upon your blog, and I was immediately enchanted. This is my favorite Dar song ever! Anyway, just been reading some recent entries and I think you’ve got a great writing style.

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