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Today’s Metro Lesson: check the mirror

April 17, 2008

Yesterday, I wore what I thought was a great outfit: a mod type dress, cute Mary Jane heels and blueish-grayish tights that looked fabulous in the display at Nordstrom. It was only later, when I saw my reflection in the Metro windows, that I realized my legs looked like they belonged to a Smurf.

Today’s Metro Lesson

April 5, 2008

Thanks to the Metro, I’ve learned the real meaning of Rush Hour. Sure, in Ohio there was rush hour while everybody tried to get to and from work. But that was in cars on a highway. Thus, it didn’t count. It’s not a real Rush Hour unless it involves bodily contact, a big guy who steps on your foot, a dozen tourists, and an escalator. 


Long Live the Tourists


Tourists and Trees: Cherry Blossom Festival 2008

April 5, 2008

Growing up, my family lived in Europe for several years. Every weekend, or so it seemed at the time, my parents loaded Little Siblings and I into our Volvo and we went set off to a castle or cathedral or something else eight-year-olds don’t care about. My childhood memories are littered with the refrain, “Not another stupid castle! I don’t want to see another stupid castle!” Last weekend, a friend and I braved the tourists and went down to the Cherry Blossom Festival on Kite Day or whatever it’s officially called. As I was walking through the Tidal Basin, I overhead a little girl say, “Not another stupid Cherry Blossom.” Parts of my childhood flashed before me: Little Sister’s never ending car sickness, sampling Schnitzel at every restaurant in Germany, fighting in the back seat of the car because Little Brother’s arm was in “my sector.” Suddenly, I wasn’t annoyed with the masses of tourists who can’t figure out a Metro card. They were a million different variations of my family, making memories on a lazy Saturday afternoon. And the best part: none of them had a Barf Bucket.


My life, in Peeps

April 1, 2008

I have a secret thing for Peeps. This depiction of what the Rosslyn Metro is like on a Friday afternoon further cemented my appreciation. (see #10, the link hates me) These people are genius.

Washington Post Article On That Movie

April 1, 2008

I’m still secretly reeling (ha! I crack myself up) from meeting Mr. Hottie. And then a friend sent me this Washington Post Article.

“Director Kevin Macdonald, who helmed “The Last King of Scotland,” wanted Rosslyn for its long escalator and its station platform. One character goes down the escalator to the platform, where trains rush by on the upper and lower levels at the same time. It’s the only such configuration in the Metro system.” Told you the escalator was long, Mom!

And apparently, “Directors love the distinctive look of Washington’s subway — its vaulted ceilings, long escalators and shiny trains with the “M” logo.” Yes! I knew moving to DC was a good thing. Nothing like this ever happens in Ohio. And I am informed by reliable sources (aka People at the Place of Lawyerly Things) that movies get filmed here all the time. Watch me become a movie set whore!

My brush with fame

April 1, 2008

From an email I sent out to literally everybody I know about ten minutes ago…   Ok, I’m so flustered,I know I am missing people on this vital (in my eyes) email who totally need to hear about my brush with fame, but too bad for them. I am totally now a connection in Six Degrees of Separation or something.  

So the story: Apparently, some movie called State of Play is shooting in DC and it has Rachel McAdams and Russell Crowe or something (I just looked it up). And there have been all these funky lights and wires and piles of stuff in the Rosslyn Metro station. I didn’t think much of it because the Metro always has random stuff in it and I figured they were for repairs. My thinking was there was a massive leak from a few weeks ago and maybe Metro found the cash to fix it. 
Then, I have to go to the podiatrist today and my co-worker gives me a copy of US Weekly to read since I left my book at home. There’s a blurb about Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck shopping at a local DC bookstore last week. I think, strange, were they just passing through town or are they shooting a movie? And the thought promptly flies right out of my head.
SOOOOO, on my way home, I see a sign up in the Metro. Being a noisy butt, I stop and read it. Apparently, State of Play (which at that point, I’d never heard of) or something is shooting in MY LOCAL METRO. I’m thinking can’t they get better signs than these things? Because, really, they were awful. Anyhoo, as I learned about 30 seconds later, Mr. Ben “instant orgasm except he has a large head” Affleck is in the movie. As I finish reading the sign, guess who comes up behind me but Mr. Hottie himself and Jennifer Garner (who is a lot skinnier than I imagined her, so my God, how skinny is somebody like Nicole Richie????). He says hello, that they have been filming there, that they are on their way home. There are a few other random passersby but they seem oblivious to the Genuine Movie Star and Oscar Winner (in the category I dream of maybe one day winning) amongst them. Hello, God amongst mortals? How did they not notice. Goes to my whole, people in DC are way too focused thing. Also, there are no other movie-esque people around. Anyway, after I pick up my jaw and wipe the drool from my chin, I say I had been wondering what was going on with the lights and stuff. They say something else (I forget) and then that you can sign up to be an extra at some building at I and 19th. (Which I am so going to do tomorrow at lunch just to say I attempted to be an extra.) And then we say goodnight and they walk away and into the elevator because they have an empty stroller with them (um, side note, where’s the kid? Now I want to see what they spawned). So that means, they had their own Metro cards and knew how to work them. It appears some movie stars are smarter than tourists. I’ve wondered…
Back to the story: I was so flustered that is was only afterwards I thought of taking a picture. So, I tried to take a picture of their backs, but my phone is from the pre-any decent technology era and takes crap pictures in the dark metro, plus it was far away so they didn’t come out. And of course for days I have been carrying around my real camera in my purse to take pictures of local sights for the blog, but I took it out on Saturday for the Cherry Blossom festival and haven’t put it back in yet. Damn cherry blossoms! I would much rather have had photographic evidence of my brush with fame than pictures of flowers. Oh well.
There you go. That’s how I just met Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck. I think this qualifies as am one step closer to becoming Mrs. Matt Damon, right? 

xoxo, K.