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I Draw Real Good!

October 17, 2008

So, it’s Friday and I don’t do Lawyerly on Friday. Least of all in a meeting…

Doodles during a meeting...Doodles to pass the time…

I had this very odd dream last night, which I will attempt to capture in the following stick-figure art. Basically, it consisted on me and eCrush. I had a frying pan. eCrush was doomed.

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part One)

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part One)

This is the part where I laughed maniacally.

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part Two)

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part Two)

And this is how the dream ended. I woke up feeling warm, fuzzy, and like all was right with the world.

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part Three)

My funky, yet satisfying dream last night (Part Three)

This was a separate doodle that I wanted to share, especially because of all the pretty colors.

What I want to do to those pants!

What I want to do to those pants!

I rawk at art!

How to Make Me Go Ouch…

August 21, 2007

These people need to lay off the ‘roids and obsessive lifting of each other.

How To Love Me

May 1, 2007

My Baba (which means grandma in a language nobody in my family actually speaks now yet still randomly uses) sent me a card which arrived today. She’s not the type for sending a lot of mail. I think the last thing the postman delivered from her came about the time I graduated from law school. Anyway, she sent me a handkerchief which was blessed at a religious facility in a religious ceremony many years ago in a land far, far away (re: in Europe). But the funny thing is, my Grandma (the other one, who also happens to use words I don’t commonly associate with my vernacular, like great-grandchild) had sent it to her at some point. I know because the card said so and my Grandma’s original note was enclosed. Grandma sent it to bring comfort and Baba sent it in love. To be given that handkerchief, to know both my grandmothers have put a bit of their heart into it, means more than I can say. Somehow, it made the icky last few months just a tad bit better to know, when it really counts, I am loved.

Why You Rock…

September 25, 2006

Beause you still speak to me after watching me clean my bathroom with a anal retentiveness that would drive most people to suggesting I have a mental disease.

Quote of the Day

August 13, 2006

Submitted by my friend, who we will call Jill…

“I think I just crashed my computer with porn.”

How To Make Me Laugh

August 12, 2006

Tell me that your farts don’t smell since you are MAGIC!

Why You Are My Best Friend

August 10, 2006

Because you assure me that all men really are insane and it is not just me.

How to Make Me Happy Even In the Midst of Starvation

August 1, 2006

Point out that even on Weight Watchers, I can eat just as many bowls of Fruit Loops as I can Cheerios. And then hand me the box.

Why I Love You

August 1, 2006

While in the midst of a meaningful and profound conversation on the morality of stem-cell research, you allow me change the topic to the most flattering extension length for a pregnant Britney Spears. And you actually have an opinion.

How to Make My Afternoon

August 1, 2006

After lunch, I call a partner from a prestigious downtown law firm in reference to the lawyerly things I do for a living. The partner put me on hold for a minute while he put on his hands free headset. We chatted for a few minutes and then, I suddenly realized I could hear him peeing. I was a bit disturbed but shrugged it off. A few minutes later, I hear “plop, plop” sounds.

The best part is, this is the second time that I’ve been at work, making a professional phone call, during two consecutive work days and this type of event has happened.

Where’s the decency people?