Wanted: One Cat Brain

I hate when people blog about their cat. Seriously, who cares that Fluffy is the cutest kitty witty widdkins in the whole wide widdle world? But, I am above Cat Blogging. Afterall, Bionic Kitty is not cute, she’s an idiot, and thus can be blogged about with abandon.

Today’s Act of Utter Stupidity…

Lately Bionic Kitty has had a fascination with any form of standing water, especially the toilet. She likes to smell the water, paw it, and then ,if all systems are go, stick her head in. There seems to be no point to this behavior, it is just something to do to relieve Kitty Boredom.

This morning, I had a tall plastic cup sitting on my dresser, with some water in it. Of course, Bionic K was fascinated. She sniffed around the glass, the rim, and the desk. It seemed OK, so she stuck her paw in. Nice and tepid; Bionic Goldikitty deemed it just right. The logical next step was to stick her head in the glass. It was only about 1/3 full, so she kept sticking her head down, and down, until she got it stuck.

Yep, and I watched it all happen. And to make my list of sins even longer, I watched her try to get the cup off for a minute or two before I helped her get free. I figured she might learn to leave my drinks alone if she struggled for a minute, but no dice. The lure of standing water must be even more powerful than catnip, treats, and the yellow feather toy combined. There’s a glass of water right here, and Bionic Kitty is starting to sniff…Let the fun begin…


One Response to “Wanted: One Cat Brain”

  1. Laina Says:

    OMG, your cat freaking cracks me up. I would have watched too, just to see if she actually would do it. And she did.

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