Unintentionally Recycling My Dating Pool

I thought Wendy’s Boy had faded back into the ether, never to be heard from again. But on Thursday night, while I was at Second Job That I Do To Maintain Sanity, he pulled a Jesus and resurrected.

A Voice Behind Me (doing the “Do I know you?” thing): Katherine? Katherine?

Me (turning around, recognizing him and quickly calculating all possible levels of awkwardness): Wendy’s Boy? Um, hey?

Wendy’s Boy (all grins and smiles and goggley eyes despite my apathetic greeting): I almost didn’t recognize you. Your hair is different.

Me (does noticing Hair Change mean he’s gay? Oh God! Oh God! Please say I’ve not unknowingly dated another gay man. Quick, run down the Potential Gay Man Warning Signs Checklist!): Yeah, I dyed it red.

Wendy’s Boy (advancing into Flirt Mode): I like it. You look great. Really great.

Me (knowing there is no way to be subtle about this but accepting I must check out his fingernail status in order to clear the Checklist): Thanks. Um, would you please show me your hands?

Despite that bit of awkward, he got my number again.

Now, with a potentially hazardous Friday re-date looming, I am strangely unconcerned about what to wear, how to respond when he asks what I’ve been up to the last few months, or even if I should engage in some “personal” grooming. Instead, my overriding concern is: can you be your own sloppy seconds?


12 Responses to “Unintentionally Recycling My Dating Pool”

  1. Laura Says:

    Well, well, well! Look at you, Miss Thang! As for the grooming question, I’d say shave your legs. The end. But I’m a prude, and 100% out of touch with the dating “loop.”
    Have a fun time!

    Ever my Jiminy Cricket…

  2. Stella Says:

    There is no shame in recycling – it’s the name of my game! How else do you think I’ve maintained single digits for so long?? Who cares anyway. Go and let a guy treat you nicely for a change. Lord knows you deserve it after putting up with eDipshit for so long…

    You’ve made Reuse, Refuse, Recycle an art form. I’ve learned from the best…

  3. flipflopsintherain Says:

    The fact that you met him walking through a Wendy’s drive-thru like a frat boy pretty much proves that he’s not gay.

    Not that I’m completely stereotypical or anything.

    You are not being supportive or considerate of my delicate flower emotional state. See, this is what happens when I let people sleep over at my house.

  4. Maxie Says:

    wait…fingernails… what?

    If they are buffed, polished, or have any sign of a manicure, then he’s too questionable for my current state. I currently lack the emotional stamina to play Am I Dating Gay Or Not Gay. And in this city, there are some fine lines…

  5. LiLu Says:

    At least you know where it’s been… ?


  6. flipflopsintherain Says:

    I amend my earlier statement to instead say, I wholeheartedly support you and your dating decisions. And recycling is good for the environment!

    Ha! More wine for you!

  7. Single Girl Says:

    That is amazing! I hate the desperatly trying to figure out if i know you convo.

    good luck on the re date

    Stay tuned… I’m sure there will be a re-date recap.

  8. Phuket Says:

    […] Unintentionally Recycling My Dating Pool « Who Invented Roses […]

  9. freckledk Says:

    Remain unconcerned. It’s more important that you like him – don’t worry about whether or not he likes you (he will).


  10. deutlich Says:

    why do dudes seem to sneak back up when you least expect it?

    They’re like bad pennies.

  11. suz Says:

    Isn’t there some sort of saying like…yesterday’s trash is today’s treasure or yesterday’s news is today’s totally hetero fuck buddy?

    I’m pretty sure its the second.

  12. Leon Says:

    Do it! Do it! DO IT!

    It’s on. Friday. Expect an update on Monday, should anything go awry.

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