Today’s Metro Lesson: It’s Going To Be A Long Week

As heard on the Farragut West escalator this evening:

“It’s stand right, walk left, TOURIST!”


6 Responses to “Today’s Metro Lesson: It’s Going To Be A Long Week”

  1. flipflopsintherain Says:

    My 8th grade class went to the 1996 Inauguration and I distinctly remember DC locals walking by us disgustedly muttering “Terrorists!”

    It took moving here 10 years later to realize they were saying “tourists” — which we all know is pretty much the same thing.

    Ha! Yeppers, it is.

  2. J.M. Tewkesbury Says:

    And we’re not even to the Inauguration yet. Lord help us. Lord help the tourons.

    Tourons is my new word of the day.

  3. heidi Says:

    oh my. Three more days…three more days until i escape the tourist madness!!! THEY’RE INVADING THE CITY!!!!

    It’s like a plague.

  4. urban bohemian Says:

    Sadly I have a friend, who will never admit to it after the fact, that pretty much shouts this at people all the time in the Metro system. It doesn’t matter if a person stops on the escalator because they dropped something, or is trying to move out of the way in a station to tie their shoes. They must be a stinkin’ tourist.

    Tourist. It’s only a dirty word in DC.

  5. PQNation Says:

    See…as bad as traffic might get with the street closings, I’m still driving in…just to avoid THAT.


    Really? You’ve got to hate the Metro seven ways to Sunday to be willing to drive in. That’s dedication.

  6. J.M. Tewkesbury Says:

    I can’t take credit for it. The origin of the word, I believe, is from Eavesdrop DC. Their definition is tourist + moron = touron. Apropos, no?

    Best word smoosh ever.

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