It’s Sorta Like Prom, But Better!

Dear Mr. and Ms. Prospective Ballgoer:

Yeah, I know we aren’t going to have Oprah. And the only Obama sighting will be the life-size cutout of the President-Elect that I am bringing as my date. Even so, the Bloggerational Ball is THE PARTY to attend during Inauguration Weekend. It’s going to be historic. It’s going to magical. It’s going to be held in a bar. And it’s going to be nothing like Prom, because:

  • Once sufficiently boozed up, I will begin my campaign to be crowned Blog Queen. Please note: This is a solo venture, not in the least bit sponsored, supported or otherwise endorsed by the Bloggerational Ball Committee and if LiLu sees my Pretty Pretty Princess tiara, she’s threatened to confiscate it. 
  • I am wearing a strapless dress. Chances are high there’s going to be another Boobies Incident!
  • Booze. Lots of it. Legally.
  • The whole “loss of virginity” thing is out of the way.
  • Five Words: Riding. Metro. In. Formal. Wear.
  • The only pictures are the ones you choose to take for blackmail purposes. 423 posed photos of you on the White House lawn doing the Corsage Exchange optional. 
  • Sister Mary Regina will not be supervising the dancing. Nor will balloons be provided to maintain proper pelvic distance.
  • Commemorative souvenirs may be purchased at the nearest street vendor.
  • The only subcommittee is the one I formed, which is dedicated to making sure there is enough TP in the loos. Ladies, you can thank me later.

6 Responses to “It’s Sorta Like Prom, But Better!”

  1. Herb Says:

    hopefully you will register your dress here so we aren’t embarrassed by wearing the same one…

    No, I didn’t. Cause I want a dress-off with you!

  2. LiLu Says:

    I hope that by this “if LiLu sees my Pretty Pretty Princess tiara, she’s threatened to confiscate it”, you meant, “she will steal it and wear it proudly for the rest of the evening while I cry into my tater tots.”

    Yes, that is exactly what I meant.

  3. Lemmonex Says:

    Sorry I am gonna miss it–I have always really wanted to see your boobs.

    One day, Lemm, one day…

  4. Malnurtured Snay Says:

    “I am wearing a strapless dress. Chances are high there’s going to be another Boobies Incident!”

    This is almost enough to make me want to go, sadly, my Blogerational funds are being diverted to buy BSG 4.0 tomorrow. This is, alas!, because I must second Lemmonex in saying “I have always really wanted to see your boobs” (even though, admittedly, I have never knowingly met you or seen a picture of you — it’s a guy thing!).

    Wait, BSG 4.0? Ummmmm, of what magic do you speak? Because I thought you could only get half of season 4 via iTunes and the rest starts showing on Friday? Or am I misinformed? TELL ME! Also, long live my boobs!

  5. Malnurtured Snay Says:

    Oh, and then I scrolled down and saw photos!

    Lots and lots of photos…

  6. Malnurtured Snay Says:

    “Or am I misinformed? TELL ME!”

    Well, see, they’re doing what they did with Season 2, which is instead of releasing the DVDs as one box set, they’re releasing it in two volumes … season 2 is split into 2.0 and 2.5, and season 4 will be 4.0 (out tomorrow), and then 4.5 down the road.

    “Lots and lots of photos…”

    Sadly, your boobs were mostly fully clothed.

    Gah! How did I not know they were releasing the season in two sections, and 4.0 was out tomorrow???? My BSG buddies are failing me.

    I left out the McFlasher pictures. I try to keep the blog PG-13 for my mom’s sake.

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