A Few Holiday Highlights

This year Little Sister was in charge of our traditional family Christmas Eve dinner. And the fact that I lived to tell about it indicates that she not only got the skinny-with-large-boobs gene and the genius-IQ gene, but the I-can-cook-like-Julia-Child gene. I must be destined to win the Mega Millions or maybe I’m going to achieve reality show fame. Because those are the only two things the Universe can give me to make up for the genetic shortchanging.


In an attempt at jollying up Chez Apartment, I outlined my floor-to-ceiling windows with holiday twinkle lights. Bionic Kitty ate 14 of the bulbs and I suspect she mildly electrocuted herself. But she has yet to die. That cat is freaking immortal.


I don’t understand why, despite repeated requests, nobody gave me the Unicorn. Please note, I will happily accept late gift submissions. Also, my birthday is in May, Webbernets. On the upside, I received 6 bottles of champagne from various clients. New Year’s will be bright and merry, followed by a brief stint in rehab.


A few days ago, District McFly* and I went on a spree of holiday festiveness. We saw carolers, checked out the (strangely troll-filled) train display at Union Station and picked up some last minute gifts. Everything was going well and we were appropriately merry and Yule-ish until we set off for the National Christmas Tree on the Ellipse.

As we approached the Capitol, there was a tree, pimped out in bulbs and lights. Yet it had a Charlie Brownish feel to it. I turned to District McFly and asked if the pathetic fir was the National Christmas Tree. We looked at each other, and agreed: that was not the tree, because if it represented the best Congress could buy this year, then the economy was in worse shape than we thought. We walked some more, trying to figure out where the Ellipse was in relation to the Capitol Building. All the while, we attempted to suppress any tourist vibes we might be giving off. But after 15 minutes or so, no tree, no Ellipse, nothing. Finally, I decided to suck it up and asked the only other person in the area who wasn’t carrying a map and thus, was most likely to know where the tree was stashed. He informed us that the Ellipse is actually the front lawn of the White House.


Despite four years of combined DC-residency, District McFly and I are still apparently unable to locate major national landmarks. I thought the Ellipse was near the Capitol and since I had unknowingly been appointed Holiday Excursion Guide, we had headed there. When I pointed out that I’ve only lived in DC for a year, and consequently can claim Landmark Stupidity, District McFly was all, “But I thought you knew where it was, Benevolent Leader,” and I responded, “Yeah, but you’ve lived here longer! You should have the Sightseeing Map programmed into your brain by now.” While we clearly share the innate ability to locate bars, vegetarian restaurants, and all-locations with favorable single men ratios, any other sense of direction or tourist-site awareness eludes us.

Eventually, we made our way to the Ellipse. And on the way, we took a montage of pictures. All of me and various trees, which I intend to use next year, when I get crafty and make holiday cards. The caption will be, “So NOT the National Christmas Tree.”

*District McFly asked me to explain a key aspect of name. McFly’s essentially short for My Carbon Footprint is Littler than Yours.


6 Responses to “A Few Holiday Highlights”

  1. restaurantrefugee Says:

    Lil Sis may have been blessed with those genes, but you got the “make my friends snarf coffee while reading blog posts” gene… in spades even.

    Does snarfing coffee hurt? I hope not…

  2. sofarleft Says:

    I think your internal aversion to the natural habitats of morons kept you a safe distance from the Ellipse. You should be able to find it easily after January 20th…

    I might give them a week or so to clear out the stadium seating…

  3. J.M. Tewkesbury Says:

    And now that you’ve been to the Ellipse (also known as Mile 0 for the Eisenhower National Defense Interstate System)*, what did you think of the National Christmas Tree?

    * This falls under “phone-a-friend” on Millionaire. The question you’ll be asked is, “What is the official name of the U.S. interstate highway system?” Remind me one day to tell you which president appointed an entire Supreme Court during his administration. (Although, as a lawyer, you should already know that, so never mind.)

    You are totally the best phone-a-friend anyone’s ever had. Also, I would like to nominate you as my Official Trivial Pursuit Partner.

  4. Lemmonex Says:

    My college graduation was held on the ellipse…but I didn’t attend. I still don’t know where it is.

    Next time you need to go there, you let me know. Because now I’m tuned into it like a homing beacon.

  5. Malnurtured Snay Says:

    Hell, Katherine, I’m sorry: I had your unicorn, tied up on my roof, but all that’s there now is a pool of silver blood. I think Voldemort got it!


  6. Malnurtured Snay Says:

    The ellipse is between the Mall and the White House, if memory serves, btw.

    Apparently, with the big tree and Menorah up, you can’t miss it…

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