The Reign of the Redhead

When I was born, I had red hair. It was a legacy from my grandmother, who apparently was Maureen O’Hara-esque during her youth. But at some point, my red became blond and stayed that way. Until this weekend. I’m not sure exactly what possessed me. Maybe it’s my love of the redheaded sexratary on Mad Men. Or it could be the affinity I feel for Ginger Spice. I might also blame it on an adverse reaction to stress. But whatever. The end result is this:

Carrot Top

Carrot Top

I’m told it looks good, but I sorta worry I resemble the Toad from Super Mario Kart.


9 Responses to “The Reign of the Redhead”

  1. Lemmonex Says:

    No no…not like the toad. I love it.

    Thanks! It’s, um, very red.

  2. Shannon Says:

    It’s cute! Red is a pain to keep up (always wear a hat in the sun), but the attention is glorious.

    I heard about that fading thing…I might forgo drinking for hair upkeep.

  3. restaurantrefugee Says:

    A – you look pretty damn hot as a red head and you already have the attitude required to make it work
    B – forgoing booze for hair? Hmmm, not so sure I agree with that prioritizing.

    Note to self: win lottery so can afford hair maintenance and booze.

  4. LiLu Says:

    First of all, can I just say:

    “Possibly related posts: (automatically generated)

    It is wrong to laugh at this.”

    I would never, dahling- it looks fab! Can’t wait to see it in person!

    Ha! I love automatic generation.

  5. Brett Says:

    Gorgeous! And not at all toad-like. Whoever said that is jealous of your balls.

    Because they are steel!

  6. flipflopsintherain Says:

    I too was struck by the Carrot Top switch this season. Something in the air?

    Very cute! As for possible fading, Aveda and Bumble & Bumble make shampoos/conditioners that help keep the color strong between salon trips. I know I can’t afford to go in every 4-6 weeks (maybe because I would never choose hair care over drinking…)

    I’ve run out for some Bumble and Bumble in an effort to keep the alkie monies flowing. But must explore the Aveda option as well.

  7. daggirl Says:

    red heads rule ! I am one too! 🙂

    I sort of feel like I’m joining an elite club that I didn’t know was elite.

  8. J.M. Tewkesbury Says:

    Oh. Pretty, pretty.

    *sigh* I want to color my hair again. Aubergine.

    I wonder if I could do this via Clairol and save the booze fund?

  9. Stella Says:

    Beotch! I told you I’d do it for you with an at-home product. I am a master at box coloring. And welcome to the red head club. Elite indeed…

    We will talk upon your return from O-H-I-O!

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