Attempting Justification

Everybody has their weakness. Mine happens to be shoes. Expensive ones. Preferably those lovingly made by wee little shoe elves with pointy ears and French accents. Yep, I am convinced that back in the late ‘70s, a slew of elves migrated from Santa’s Workshop to Christian Louboutin’s because they had a foot fetish. And ever since then, there’s been shoe magic. So when I intentionally visited stumbled onto the Kate Spade site last night and saw the most perfect pair of heels ever made, I wanted them. And they are ON SALE.

But my sensible side has kept me from clicking purchase. I am afraid of these tough economic times and have recently instituted a Budget. To preserve the integrity of my excel spreadsheet, the money would have to come from my New Couch Fund, which was started at the beginning of the month and is still tiny and fragile. The shoe purchase would basically wipe it out; sort of like new couch infanticide.

On the other hand, the Kate Spades are glorious. And I want them. What to do, Interwebs? What to do?


10 Responses to “Attempting Justification”

  1. Stella Says:

    Let’s face it: You will be co-habitating with eCrush way before you can afford your new couch, and I’m guessing (because he is a Republican) that he has more than enough Ethan Allen to satisfy you…

    He does come with lots of lovely Ethan Allen… In leather… Sigh…

  2. LiLu Says:

    Oh my lord… eCrush should so get you those for Christmas! When B got me THREE PAIRS of gorgeous heels for my birthday… well let’s just say, I had lockjaw for about a month.


    (……. maybe.)

    I still think you came out on the winning end, LiLu.

  3. Lemmonex Says:

    Oh those are lovely. I want.

    This is why I like you.

  4. michelle Says:

    i voted to buy them! ( of course)….

    and as oprah informed me a few months ago leopard print shoes can be worn with both black and brown outfits….its the new neutral!

    Oh! Handy tip from Oprah!

  5. Laina Says:

    Buy the damn shoes. How many people really see your couch? And everyone you work with and people on the streets and people on the Metro will share in the joy of those new shoes. It’s a public service, really. Bringing the lovely shoes to thousands of DC commuters.

    Small flaw in your plan. Heels and Metro = guaranteed death. But A for effort.

  6. Kevin Says:

    Guy’s opinion here: Guys and heels come and go, but a good couch will last for years and years and years. Probably more comfortable too.

  7. Herb Says:

    I agree with Kevin. Drag that new couch with you onto the Metro and watch thousands of DC commuters stare!

  8. laura Says:

    Couch. You hate that couch, no? You will love your new couch every single hour that you sit on it. You won’t wear your new shoes nearly as often as you sit on your couch. Also, you didn’t even know about the shoes a few days (?), and while you may go through a short period of mourning after not purchasing them, you’ll soon have a new couch, and shoe shopping can resume. : )

  9. Maxie Says:

    Those are super cute. Who needs a couch if you have shoes. Make people sit on the floor.

    Or get some bean bag chairs.

  10. sofarleft Says:

    I’m with Laura – the couch will make your ass comfortable several times a day, where the shoes may will only make your feet glorious once every two weeks or so at the most because, let’s face it, you really can’t wear those shoes every day. And I’ll go couch shopping with you!

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