I just realized I’ve inadvertently gone over 41 hours without a Diet Coke. This is astonishing since my very existence is generally predicated on my ability to consume at least three cans before 8:45 each morning. Also, the lack of caffeine might explain the periodic arm spasms and why it feels like gerbils are eating my brain.


3 Responses to “Withdrawl”

  1. Gilahi Says:

    I have to wonder how you know what it feels like when gerbils are eating your brain.

  2. J.M. Tewkesbury Says:

    Ditto what Gilahi asked. What exactly does that feel like?!

    For comparison’s sake, I had a migraine last night that would have been greatly assuaged had I been able to pop out my left eyeball, immerse in a cup of saline solution, and replace the same with an ice cube in my eye socket…

    No? Not the same? Hm.

  3. Laina Says:

    I NEVER forget my Diet Coke. Mostly because Bird and Bug can already make me feel like gerbils are eating my brain somedays, even WITH the Diet Coke.

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