Yet more gChat Diaries

A Friend Who Recently Ran For Office (And Won) In Small Town Ohio: So I’m campaigning at a Farm Bureau dinner tonight. I wanted to make a joke about zealously prosecuting anyone who tipped their cows, but I’m not sure of my crowd.

Me: Sell my antibiotics? I don’t think they have a street value.

Anona: I bet with a little marketing you could be as famous at the Venn Diagram Blogger.

Rebekah: Any idea why Jennifer Garner’s toes got voted one of the ugliest celebrity body parts?

Me: When James Lipton asks, “What profession would you not like to do?” Well, I never understood why they don’t mention porn star.

Anona: He (referring to her husband, who is suffering from a skin condition) and Lumpy (her dog) have lots in common these days. Lump is itchy too. He lost the hair on his ass.
Me: Tom or the dog?

Jill: I’ve got to run out the tractor supply.
Me: That statement made me love living in D.C. just a little bit more.

Me: Keeping in mind that I’m lactose intolerant, this is what I’ve had to eat so far today:
Chocolate pudding (label claiming it’s made with REAL milk)
Cheese fondu
Ice Cream
A cherry yogurt
Sarah: How you holding up?
Me: Could this be considered a form of suicide?


5 Responses to “Yet more gChat Diaries”

  1. Laina Says:

    You LOVED tractor supply when we went there! There were baby chicks, I got stuck in a rail buggy…what wasn’t to love?!

  2. kjohnsonesq Says:

    I was dazzled by the newness of the experience. It was my first time outside of 270, remember. And when you got stuck in that rail buggy; I wish they had camera phones back then…

  3. Herb Says:

    Jill! Email me please!

  4. E Says:

    Just be glad it’s intolerance and not an allergy.

  5. LiLu Says:

    Oh my lord… I now have faith that, should I be unable to continue as Lemmonex’s gchat partner in crime, you could pick up the slack.

    Love it.

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