From ZipCar, With Love

Reading between the lines of the fan letter response email sent by the fine folks at Zipcar regarding my recent post,  I’d say it’s:

  • 70% “You Dumbass”
  • 14% “Thanks For The Free Publicity”
  • 10% “Public Service Announcement”
  • 5% “We’re One Step Away From Revoking Your Membership Based On Driver Stupidity”
  • 1% “Cease and desist” 

The Letter:

Hi Katherine,

I just read your recent blog post about your Zipcar experience. I want you to know that Zipcar really appreciates your careful driving and attention to safety. I know how frustrating driving in DC can be, and I commend you for doing what you needed to do and calling a tow truck. In the future, you can always call 866-4ZIPCAR for assistance with a tow or road side assistance. Please tell me if there is anything I can do for you to make the Zipcar experience more enjoyable.


Laura Last Name and Contact Information Deleted

Member Services Coordinator, Washington, D.C.


7 Responses to “From ZipCar, With Love”

  1. Laina Says:

    Do they periodically google “Zipcar” to make sure no one is trash talking them or what?

  2. Lyssabits Says:

    I think a lot of companies are doing this now. I got someone commenting in my LJ from Dell on the post where I was bitching about how the hard drive from my new laptop died an hour after getting the computer.

  3. LiLu Says:

    Is it bad I kind of thought that was sweet of her? It didn’t quite seem “You dumbass”… more like, “Way to know your limitations! Also, you’ve been flagged.”

  4. Thomas Says:

    My experience with Zipcar was so mediocre that I went out and bought a gas-guzzler.

  5. Herb Says:

    I may have once gotten a couple of t shirts for blogging about some shows on the Discovery channel. Hey I’m a BLOGGER not a journalist! And I am POOR! Now that we know that Zipcar is watching you should post some items greatly praising them and see if you can get some free passes.

  6. DCBlogs » DC Blogs Noted Says:

    […] From ZipCar, With Love. Read this post and the original one. Who Invented Roses. […]

  7. suz Says:

    The whole world is watching! The whole world is watching! Er…

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