Katherine’s Guide to Election Night Alcoholic Indulgence: A Drinking Game

Guaranteed to make tonight more fun, or your money back!

Needed to play:

1. Two red drinks, designated as “McCain” and “Palin.” May I suggest:

  • The Red Army (because it sounds vaguely angry and the Republicans are gonna be after this election) Half a shot each of Cointreau, lime juice and raspberry liqueur, two shots raspberry vodka, and a handful of raspberries. Fill a cocktail shaker with crushed ice. Add all the ingredients and shake very well. Strain into an ice-filled tumbler and serve garnished with a fresh raspberry.
  • The Classic Cosmo (it’s old school, like the Republicans) 2 ounces Citron vodka, 1 ounce orange liquor (Cointreu is best, but triple sec, whatev will work), half a fresh lime squeezed (shake with lime in the shaker), 1 ounce (or to taste) cranberry juice. Shake, strain, garnish with lemon twist. (Brought to you by the Greatest Bartender on Earth, LivLuv)

2. Two blue drinks, designated “Obama” and “Biden.” Consider these:

  • Blue Lady (to honor Hillary, who many of us still miss) One shot Blue Curacao with a dash of lemon juice. Fill glass with Lemon Lime Soda. Stir, shake, garnish with a lemon twist.
  • Carolina Blue (in honor of the battleground state, North Carolina) One shot gin and Blue Curaçao, one lime. Fill a shaker with crushed ice. Squeeze the juice from the lime into the shaker. Add the gin and Curaçao and shake well. Strain into a chilled cocktail glass garnished with a twist of lime.

Or, in the event you don’t have all this, channel your inner Joe Six Pack and just drink beer. Bonus if you put it in red and blue cups labeled with the appropriate candidate names.

The Rules:

  • Every time a pundit says “red” or “blue,” take a drink from the corresponding colored beverage.
  • Ditto every time an anchor mentions a candidate by name, take a drink from the corresponding candidate beverage.
  • Every time the phrase “too close to call” or “too soon to call” is used, take a drink.
  • Every time a talking head suggests the “race was really over when…” take a drink.
  • Every time a commentator brings up the long voting lines and/or possible voting snafus, take a drink.
  • Every time a guest speaker describes today as “historic,” “history in the making,” or similar, two drinks. Bonus drink if they bundle the sentiment with a reference to a dead guy(s). For example, MLK, Washington, the Founding Fathers.
  • Every time the number 270 is mentioned, take a drink.
  • Every time Bush and McCain are jointly discussed, take two drinks.
  • Every time a special correspondent has no new developments to report but never actually says that and instead babbles on for two minutes, take a drink.
  • Every time an election tracker map is utilized, take a drink. Take a bonus drink if they move something, draw or change a state color, ala Sports Center.
  • Every time young voters/fist time voters and Obama are mentioned in the same breath, take a drink.
  • Every time the Democrat trifecta (ie control of the House, Senate and Presidency) is referenced, take three drinks.
  • Every time Palin is mentioned, the first person to scream, “Maverick!” gets to distribute five drinks among as many people as he/she desires.
  • Every time a fellow viewer mentions moving to Canada, make them grab you a beer.
  • Every time a swing state is called, drink corresponding to the number of Electoral Votes the state holds. Should the state unexpectedly go to the other candidate, shot gun your beverage. If you are from the swing state, when it is called, fetch another round. For this, I suggest you print out Politico’s 2008 Swing State Map.


7 Responses to “Katherine’s Guide to Election Night Alcoholic Indulgence: A Drinking Game”

  1. LiLu Says:

    This is great! I might be a total drink slut and do both yours and B’s. Dear lord, that’d be a helluva night…

  2. michelle Says:

    i am in! except i only have red wine :/ oh well … i say DRINK 😀

  3. Stella Says:

    Um, this appears to require a beer bong because I can’t imagine one millisecond of coverage tonight that is outside of that scope.

  4. kjohnsonesq Says:

    Yeah, it encourages consumption. Lots and lots of consumption.

  5. Herb Says:

    Wow! In one long sentence Chris Matthews just touched on each of your rules. Not surprisingly, we are only drinking Madrases here.

  6. E Says:

    I think your liver may secede. Just sayin’.

  7. sofarleft Says:


    (that’s “good game!” as typed by my drunk husband, who was thoroughly enjoying playing along until he just passed out half way through Obama’s speech…he added his own rule of downing a shot of tequila for every “Yes We Can”)

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