I Sense Impending Blog Fodder

This weekend:

  • I will not be wearing my roller skates to the Metro, despite suggestions to the contrary. I live atop The Really Big Hill and I’d like to arrive at my social engagements in one piece. (But nice try, Suz.)
  • Bionic Kitty is going to the vet. It’s time for the annual Your Cat Has Contracted A Rare Form of Feline Diphtheria Due To Her Excessive Chewing On Table Legs discussion. Of course, curing this will involve a check with three zeros. To offset expenses, I am considering opening a Paypal account for donations. Or maybe renting out Bionic’s womb. I am sure somebody else wants an unkillable RoboCat.
  • I will locate my voting location. And maybe assemble a patriotic themed outfit for Tuesday. After all, one must impress the Hot Firemen.
  • Operation New Housing will commence. My lease is up in December and I’ve decided that despite the availability of Chop’t, Georgetown Cupcake and cheap manicures, Rosslyn is overrated. I’m looking to move to the District. Specifically U Street, Logan Circle or DuPont. It’s time to start trolling Craigslist obsessively.
  • I am going to Target! For the first time in over a year! Not really because I need anything, but more for the bliss inherent in a trip to Tarjoy.
  • If time allows, there will be a GeekFest. January is almost here. That means the series conclusion of Battlestar Galactica. Sniff. In preparation, I am going to rewatch all the episodes and maybe develop preposterous theories regarding the last Cylon. Who’s in?
  • I will compile a list of all friends, relatives and acquaintances that are knocked up. My mission: to convince somebody to dress up their kid as a garden gnome for Halloween ’09. I’ve got a year. (Do not underestimate my persuasive abilities, Laura.)
  • Cleaning might occur. “Might” being defined as “highly improbable.”
  • I have an eHarmony Date Saturday night. He’s 5’3”, balding and apparently illiterate. I refer to this as “easing my way back into the shark-infested dating pool.” My uncharitable friend termed it a Pity Date. (It’s no such thing, Sara. It’s dating before eCrush, and thus winning. Nobody said they had to be quality goods.)
  • Figure out who is the stalker(s) who keeps Googling (Googleing?) my personal email address to find my blog. Happened seven times Wednesday, once yesterday and three so far today. Dude, it’s creeping me out. Stop it!

3 Responses to “I Sense Impending Blog Fodder”

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  3. vvk Says:

    hmmm… Battlestar Galactica. I should start watching that at some point.

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