Name Me

Interwebs, I have acquired roller skates. (God bless Craigslist and Donna In McLean.) That means I am officially going as a Roller Derby Girl for Halloween. Dum dum dum…

Now I just need to figure out my Roller Derby Alter Ego.

Briefly Considered But Ultimately Rejected:

  • Punchin’ Judy
  • Muscles McQueen
  • Ann Acostia
  • Camilla the Hun
  • Beltway Betty
  • Pam Ann
  • Meg Myday
  • Kat Astrophe
  • Goldie Knoxx
  • Ruth Less Killer
  • Mensa Misfit
  • Dirty Harriet
  • Bonnie D. Stroyer
  • Pearl Knuckles
  • Steely Jan
  • Polly Ester
  • Joan Ranger

One Response to “Name Me”

  1. Laina Says:

    Harley Quinn a la Kevin Smith? That’s a big no on that one. Still haven’t voted, will have to think about it.

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