Random Hodge Podgery

  • Nobody told me today was the last hurrah of the Tourist Season. It was me, a homeless lady, and the Tie Dyed Hordes on the Metro. The entire ride, I kept wondering who still sells fanny packs?
  • This morning, I accessorized with a WonderBra and a long, beadish necklace. In theory, it was a great idea. Except, now I’m struggling with the Plight of the Big Chested: the necklace won’t stay where it’s supposed to. It’s either in between my bags of fun, hanging around the right side, or circling the left. For a visual demonstration, I refer to Millie (start at 2:30 and go until she makes a face).
  • My chest was fairly itchy on and off all day and upon investigation, I realized that I had my dress on backwards. Lawyerly Land is fairly deserted thanks to the holiday, so I decided to do a quick turn-around in my office. I was mid-switch when Big Boss walked in without knocking. Awkward.
  • eCrush got me a present. Exhibit A and Exhibit B.

One Response to “Random Hodge Podgery”

  1. E Says:

    Could you wear the necklace double string?

    Is Big Boss male or female?

    Suggested gifts for eCrush because I’m the little girl who had a little curl right in the middle of her forehead. I would also take my pancakes from the middle, if I ate pancakes.

    (OK, so the first one would really be for you to wear, but the rest you can give to him.)

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