Fashion Quandry

Interwebs, I need an opinion, please.

So, I went shopping yesterday because I finally admitted defeat and realized my butt is forever stuck at “deliciously ample.” I like Twix too much for shrinking efforts to ever succeed. Anyhoodles, most of my winter wardrobe is worn out and I need to replace some basics. Over lunch yesterday, I decided to take a quick trip through Filene’s, where I stumbled across a Giorgio Armani skirt tucked amongst the Rockin’ Republic jeans. It was a size smaller than what I usually wear but I figured I’d try it on for giggles. It was the closest I’ll ever get to wearing Armani, right? Well, it fits like a dream. I mean seriously like Giorgio designed it for my ass.

It was originally $895, I think (might have been $925 — can’t remember). Point is, most expensive skirt I’ve ever held, let alone slipped over my tush. But it was marked down to $200. I bought it because I know I couldn’t think about it and leave it in the store. If I came back for it, the skirt would’ve been gone and some other less-deserving woman would have gotten the “I’m wearing a size smaller than usual and it’s a freaking Armani” ego boost. So now I’m trying to decide if $200 for an Armani is an obscene waste of money. Half of me says yes, half of me says no. Justifying Side keeps screaming, “Armani! Ar! Man! EEEE! And a size smaller than usual. It’s worth every cent of the $200. Think of all the positive mental health points you’ll get every time you wear it.” More Sensible Side is all up in arms because, “That’s a freaking hefty price for a skirt, unless it’s made of golden unicorn horns by pretty fairies and then lovingly caressed by George Lucas.”

Anyhow, the skirt is tan and sort of an A-line fitted thing. It gently cups my butt without making it look big(ger) or slutty. Oh, and there’s three big pleats in front and pocket slits on the side. Nothing overwhelmingly special, except for the tag. Totally neutral, such a basic, could wear it with everything, but ugh, 200 hard earned smackers. Thoughts?

PS: I modeled for eCrush Boy and he responded, “You are beautiful in anything and well worth any price tag.” It appears his Boyfriend Training is going well.


14 Responses to “Fashion Quandry”

  1. Jilly Bean Says:

    Before deciding the pros and cons of purchasing and keeping said skirt, i would def have to see a pic.

  2. Stella Says:

    First, eCrush is a decidedly less repulsive Republican as a result of making such a sweet comment. Second, KEEP THE EFFING SKIRT. There is simply no quandary here. Consider my “dollar per wear” philosophy. Mentally calculate how many times you’ll wear it and divide it by the price. Even if you only wear it 20 times (low estimate given its a basic) you would totally pay $10/wear, right?

  3. Jennifer Says:


    I normally only shop the clearance racks of a given store, so you know I don’t pay much for clothes on a regular basis. But if I looked that good in something, I’d never give it back.

  4. Terri S. Says:

    KEEP IT!

  5. Kat Says:

    Keep! If you let go of it, you’ll remember it forever as the awesome Armani skirt that you wish you’d held onto so you could show it off. At least, that’s what I’d do.

  6. Lyssabits Says:

    While I would also pale at the idea of paying $200 for.. well, really ANY item of clothing, it’s kinda hard to argue with an 80% markdown. 😉 And despite how basic it is, that’s actually the sort of item I’d be inclined to pay more for, since you’ll get so much use out of it and a really well-made, well-fitting item of clothing is worth the money.

    Besides, a skirt with pockets?! 😉 That’s absolutely worth the money! I’m plagued by a lack of pockets in my nice clothing.

  7. DLM Says:

    Meanwhile, did you seriously write “gently cups my butt”?

  8. michelle Says:

    keep…. it will last for years!!!

  9. LivitLuvit Says:

    Oh, 100% keep it. In the scheme of things, $200 is completely justifiable… you’ll wear it over and over, and feel a-MAZ-ing every single time you do. Don’t you dare take it back!

  10. Lola Famous Says:

    Am I the only voice of reason here? I mean, if it were me, well, yeah, I’d keep it because my parents are Linus and Penelope. My bank account wouldn’t sneeze over a $200 skirt. But someone who is trying to save money and such? Really? Hmm….I know you needed a serious pick-me-up but wouldn’t a Barack Obama T-shirt be more economical and make more of a statement? *wink*

  11. Laina Says:

    Aw, how sweet is he?

    Keep the f’ing skirt. How many big purchases did you talk me into last time we went shopping, because I’d get my money’s worth?

  12. Zandria Says:

    I agree with the fashion experts that it’s better to have less clothing that’s GOOD quality and that you LOVE/fits well, than to have cheap clothing that doesn’t make you feel good. I don’t own a $200 skirt yet (much less a $200 Armani that’s been drastically marked down!), but I would if I found the right one. 🙂

  13. Jocelyn Says:

    A wee bit of discount label whoring never hurt anybody!

  14. E Says:

    It’s Armani, you bought it for a price you’ll never see again, and it fits great – why are we having this discussion, darling?

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