State of Michigan Tax Goons: You Suck!

The State of Michigan and I have a bit of a grudge thing going on. Michigan says I didn’t pay all my taxes for the nine month period in ’05 where I lived in Detroit (aka The City We Should Just Cede to Canada). As if living in the Arm Pit of the Nation wasn’t bad enough, they claim I owe them money? Not cool, Michigan. Not cool.

It’s been three years of going back and forth, faxing and re-faxing forms, arguing over $400 (plus late fees which are more penalizing than Blockbuster’s), telling them that the lien they put on my hypothetical house was a mistake and soon, very soon, I would go all Lawyerly on their asses. It felt like the Michigan tax people were punishing me for escaping their state. Or else they were valedictorians at the Sarah Palin School of Incompetence and Mismanagement. Because I had to produce and provide the same eight pieces of paper 19 times over the course of three years. The Michigan Tax Tribunal and I had the same conversation at least 10 times. I’ve refilled my ’05 Michigan taxes twice (apparently, the state lost them). And I requested the Ohio Tax People fax documents to the Michigan Tax People four times. When I called the Ohio tax peeps about the forms I needed, they just laughed, because really, government idiocy is standard operating procedure for That State Up North.

Thing is, I did pay my taxes. So says my W-2s, the tax forms I filed, Ohio (who would gladly have accepted those taxes, Michigan) and Turbo Tax. And as of last night, it appears the State of Michigan has seen the light. They sent me a letter saying the tax lien was in error and has been removed, that I did in fact pay my taxes, and that I don’t owe them squat.

Ha! I win!


4 Responses to “State of Michigan Tax Goons: You Suck!”

  1. Lyssabits Says:

    Ah, the joys of the government. This experience is not unlike the one I’ve had simply trying to remain employed by them. I have now applied for my own job 4 times over the last four years, and I invariably get rejected for it as being less qualified than other applicants at least once during the process, so now that I’m going through the process for the second time, I suspect my tally will go up to 5 application attempts. Go government!

  2. laura Says:

    1. Michigan sucks.

    2. See #1.

  3. Suz Says:

    I know someone else who lived in MI who had the SAME EXACT PROBLEM. I blame mobsters. AND THE WHOLE STATE OF MICHIGAN!

  4. Brent Crouch Says:

    What the heck does the liberal state of Michigan have to do with Sarah Palin? Sarah Palin is a conservative. Michigan is run and has been destroyed by liberals. Wouldn’t it make more sense to say, “they were valedictorians at the Barack Obama School of Incompetence”

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