Did he really just say that?

eCrush was at Chez Apartment, watching the post-debate analysis, when I walked in from Second (Happy) Job. The first thing out of his Republican Lovin’ mouth: Oh my God, I am so dumping you for Sarah Palin.


7 Responses to “Did he really just say that?”

  1. Laina Says:

    Oh hells no. You have to dump him RIGHT. NOW. What if you end up marrying him? I can’t even come to your wedding if you marry someone who’d rather hit it with Sarah Palin.

  2. michelle Says:

    i agree, except you should tell ecrush you are dumping him for that tool time guy:P

  3. E Says:

    That was not the smartest thing he’s ever said. I hope you explained that to him.

  4. Stella Says:

    Oh lordhavemercy. I can’t believe you’re dating a Republican. Just start saying “Gee” and “Doggone it” a lot and you’ll win back his loyalty.

  5. Herb Says:

    Sarah Palin has never worn madras. You need to make that clear to him.

  6. sofarleft Says:

    How did he react when you punched him in the mouth? (I’m not above a well-placed, well-timed, well-deserved beat-down!)

    I hope he’s pretty. Really, REALLY pretty. Clearly you’re going to have to perfect your winking skills to keep his interest. Perhaps you should practice on other men.

  7. LivitLuvit Says:

    Ha- I haven’t met a guy yet who wouldn’t bang her, even if they hate her.

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