On-line shopping yields gem

It’s Friday. I don’t do real Lawyerly work on Fridays.

Instead, I believe Fridays should be dedicated to on-line shopping.

While pursing this policy, I came across what I’m sure is going to be a best seller at the local Poverty Barn. The Glitter Skull! Apparently, over time it’ll age to a rich, warm patina. Somehow I don’t see that canceling out the Tacky.


4 Responses to “On-line shopping yields gem”

  1. Pithy Says:

    That is not Tacky. That is Glittery Awesome Goodness and I want it!!

  2. kjohnsonesq Says:

    LOL. I kind of did too, but then I imagined what one of my gay friends would say: the bastard Halloween art project of Barbie and Captain Hook.

  3. Glittery Awesome Goodness « DC is my Manhattan Says:

    […] Awesome Goodness This gem popped up in my reader today from Who Invented Roses: The Glitter […]

  4. Kat Says:

    They had me at “traditional German glitter objects.”

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