So, apparently there is some sort of Honest Weblog Blogger tag jobby thing going around and iMetro, the District’s Metroific Super Stud, included me on his. What’s with the sudden tags, Internets? Is there a full moon? Has hunting and fishing season recently started and morphed itself into an web version? I don’t know what forces are at work, but I don’t want to offend them. The Interweb Gods can be viscous. In order to keep them appeased, I’m going to do this Honest Weblog thing. Supposedly, this is how it works:

  1. When a blogger receives the (dubious) prize of being tagged by another blogger, s/he must write a post on the topic of being chosen. It must mention the name and link of the blogger who has bestowed this highly sought after honor. Cursing them is optional.
  2. Next, the blogger must choose a minimum of 7 blogs that s/he finds brilliant in their content and/or design or otherwise deems worth mentioning. These are the new victims recipients of the Honest Weblog love.
  3. The blogger must then list those seven blogs, with links, in their own blog and leave the new beneficiary of all that blog adoration a comment informing they were gifted with an Honest Weblog. I think it might also be advisable to tell them they better pass it on, or else Internet Guido is gonna find them and break their keyboard.
  4. If the blogger feels so inclined, s/he can show a picture of those who are awarded an Honest Weblog. But since most people don’t have blackmail worthy pictures just floating around, that part can be skipped too.
  5. The recipient of the Honest Weblog MUST pass on the Honest Weblog so that the Tagging Hell continues.

Without further ado, I am gonna target the following blogs (and no pinky-give-backs, and no revenge spamming, and no getting mad at me if you don’t like it):

  • Herb of DC. He apparently owns madras pants. While I generally abhor that evil form of legwear, there’s something about Herb that leads me to believe he can pull them off. There’s a sense of inner panache. Plus, he generally cracks me up.
  • Average Jane. I know her. We’ve shared dating pain.
  • Pithy. This is as close as I get to a revenge tag. She linked me in a Meme the other day and I’ve been struggling to fill it out ever since. So, I’m going to chuck it and just call us even. That aside, she likes her felines as much as I like mine. She’s cool.
  • Velvet. Update, damn it!
  • Livit, Luvit. Don’t know her, but wanna. Something tells me she’d be fun to have a drink with.
  • Restaurant Refugee. Because really, I think he’d find this mildly annoying and I’m feeling feisty today.
  • Jennsylvania. While I never in a gagillion and a half years expect this lady to ever actually do this Honest Weblog thing, she’s still my Blog Hero. It’s my blog and I can tag who I want to. Pfft.

So Interwebs, I think we’re square.


3 Responses to “Housekeeping”

  1. LivitLuvit Says:

    Well thanks, lady! I like drinks. And people who drink them. And, most especially, people who like drinking them with me. In fact, making after-work hours “happier” is one of my favorite hobbies.

    And second Jen Lancaster- she is a funny, funny bitch. Love her guts.

  2. Herb Says:

    “Honest Blogger”?

    Sadly I cannot accept the nomination.

    But thanks of thinking of me and my madras.

  3. Honestly… « DC is my Manhattan Says:

    […] So I’ve been nominated/got tagged for the Honest Weblog Blogger thingy. Who Invented Roses got me as a form of revenge adoration.  […]

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