Next up in the Bestowing Gifts of Love Saga

eCrush Boy called the Republican platform a Movement yesterday. I swore, he said it with a Big M. So I’ve decided to continue my jesty harassment of his political beliefs.

These were just sent to The Place Where Sexy Republicans Work:

Obama/Biden finger puppets! “Create puppet shows! Have your talking points ready: Hurricanes Hannah and Ike, pollution, world peace, it’s easy if you try.”

Obama soap! “In addition to the highest quality glycerin soap and light milk and honey scent, we added a pinch of inspiration, a spoonful of change and a whole lotta hope!”

Ha! That’s hours of fun coming to him in 3 to 5 business days…


3 Responses to “Next up in the Bestowing Gifts of Love Saga”

  1. pithycomments Says:

    Movement? As in bowel?

    Methinks he got it right….

  2. Laina Says:

    OMG, you’re killing me with all the Firefly. And so I just have to say…

    I’m voting for Obama. And what does that make me?


    Geeks unite. 🙂

  3. Metro Man Says:

    BTW, I nominated you for the “Certified Honest Blogger” Award!

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