Observations I’ve Made So Far This Week

  1. Paper towels aren’t for nose blowing.
  2. Apparently today marks the return of the Black Suit to DC. All summer, it’s been light weight breezy skirts with flip-flops. But one day where the temperature is in the 60’s for a few hours and Bam! Out come the power suits.
  3. If you purchase season three of Battlestar Galactica at Borders, the check out guy will do his Lee Adama impression. In Geek circles, I think that might be a recognized form of flirting.
  4. The Condo Association at Chez Apartment (aka the Convention of Heartless Power Tripping Animal Haters) does not like it when the Official Fourth Appeal Letter refers to the Condo Bylaws as “moronic” or “inflexible twattle.”
  5. Watching eCrush Boy try to swallow a 1200 milligram pill is funny. Really, really, really funny.
  6. When the Metro’s crowded level is somewhere between Serious Invasion of Personal Space and Full Body Contact, a few well placed coughs and some sniffling will immediately result in a five foot circle of emptiness around you. All the commuters have backed away from the Possible Contamination Zone.
  7. As I walked up L Street today, I passed the homeless guy with the sign that says something about getting a job and just needing help for the next two weeks. I know it’s been well over two weeks since he’s appeared. Do the homeless fib?
  8. I’ve seen at least seven pairs of Ungodly Ugly80s shoes. With suits. My eyes. They burn.
  9. Also, who said fringe is back for boots? I do not want Pocahontas to become my fashion idol, thank you very much.

3 Responses to “Observations I’ve Made So Far This Week”

  1. thisisee Says:

    Those ugly ankle boots are hideous.

    They went out for a reason.

  2. Sarah Says:

    Those shoes are TRUELY terrible. I hope this is one of those short lived fashion trends

  3. DLM Says:

    Affectionately now known as “Shooties”?


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