Goooo Bucks! Or my faulty logic supporting OSU’s chance of victory over USC

Yeah, yeah, every Buckeye Fan knows this game is the Big One and things aren’t looking all that great for The Ohio State University. Something about Beanie’s toe injury and the OSU vs. OU game and bladity blah blah whatever. I think it’s time for a reminder of what the Boys in Scarlet have working for them. Without further ado, may I present…

The Non-Sporty-Girl’s Guide to Why OSU Will Rock This Week!

  1. God – he’s always for the underdog. I mean, David and Golliath, Michigan and Appalachian State? Such a given that the Big Guy will be sportin’ some scarlet and gray come Saturday night.
  2. The guys on ESPN keep saying that the Bucks always play to the level of their opponents and only By A Miracle From God (see #1) do they squeak out a win. Personally, I think it’s so the fans get the maximum enjoyment from each game. Or something.
  3. OSU’s uniforms are prettier. And come with stickers.
  4. OSU has players with names that sound like venereal diseases. Think Laurinaitis, Chekwa, Pretorius, Beanie. If they could get through fifth grade and live to tell the tale, I am sure they can kick a little USC football ass.
  5. OSU’s not beaten USC since I’ve been alive. They are overdue for victory.
  6. Because my Magic 8 Ball said OSU is going to win. It just knows.

This week’s True Fan of the Week:

There are temporary tattoos and then there are The Real Deal: OSU Tattoos. That’s some Fan Dedication.

And Tressel gives a little I-O love! (It’s towards the end; be patient and you shall be rewarded accordingly)


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