Bionic Kitty and the Great Sea of Purses

A Great Sea of Purses usually resides around my office area. It starts off as a single purse on Monday and as I change bags to match my outfit each morning, it grows and grows. On Saturday, the Sea usually disappears back into the closet, only to reemerge over the next week. I’ve never thought anything of this purse dumping habit until last night. As I was checking my email before bed, I heard this strange scratching sound by my feet. I looked down to investigate and saw Bionic Kitty was inside my brand spankin’ new green bag. That bag was not cheap and I was not amused. But I did grab the camera.

That would be Bionic Butt sticking out of the adorable green purse

Bionic Kitty gets comfortable.

I watched as Bionic Kitty wiggled around in there for a while longer and then I heard some more scratching. I decided she was crossing into possible purse abuse and she had to be extracted. I leaned over to pull her out but she beat me to the punch.

Bionic Kitty is acting evasive. This is Not A Good Sign.

Bionic Kitty high tailing it to hide. Oh Lordie. What did she do?

Bionic Kitty, thinking she's hiding from Big Woman Wrath.

I knew something was Very Wrong. I looked inside my gloriously adorable only used once green purse and found a Bionic Turd neatly deposited inside.

For some reason, that cat is mucho angry with me. But not half as irate as I am with her.


5 Responses to “Bionic Kitty and the Great Sea of Purses”

  1. pithycomments Says:

    As much as I heart my beloved Fuzzbutt, I draw the line at him using my equally beloved Coach bag as an alternative to the LitterMaid9000 fancy schmancy poop box I bought him. And considering how he hates the fancy-schmancy pooper, I’m not leaving my purse anywhere near kitteh level.

  2. Laina Says:

    Oh. My. God. How did you not kill her?

    Fat Shit Cat puked all over my house last night. I think he might be developing bulemia as a result of Matt and I continually referring to him as Fat Shit Cat.

  3. michelle Says:

    That is totally not cool! Luckily the only activity my cat engages in with my handbags, is rubbing against them…

  4. laura Says:

    that cat is seriously living on borrowed time. And now its just tempting fate…

  5. E Says:

    Oh my word! The girls and I were discussing this very thing at lunch today! One of the girls, H., recently bought her boyfriend a kitten and said kitten has taken a liking to hiding inside H.’s Coach bags and her new Vera Bradley over night bag. Cute now, possibly dangerous in the long run, we warned her. Then I loaded up my blog on the way back and saw your post and handed my phone over so she could see it, and she cracked up. No more Coach bag naps for poor Sebastian, I’m afraid.

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