What I Bought eCrush Boy

Yesterday, I flew to Cleveland to do Lawyerly Things. As with most day-long business trips I take, I spent a fair amount of time in the city’s airport. Generally, Cleveland Rocks. But the airport? Not so much. Anyway, after an hour sitting in an uncomfortable airport chair, reading In Style and putting out work fires, I decided eCrush Boy needed a memento of my time in Cleveland. Plus, I wanted to stretch. So, off I went, exploring the numerous souvenir shops and looking for something that would complement the stuffed donkey I recently got eCrush. After scoping out four or five stores, I found a gem of a t-shirt. The Sexy Republican in my life is now the proud owner of a shirt that reads:

Obama is my homeboeee!

Fabulous! Homeboy was spelled with three Es. And an exclamation point. Now that Rocks!

A picture of eCrush Boy in that? Totally Christmas Card material.


One Response to “What I Bought eCrush Boy”

  1. E Says:

    Love it. However, the spelling makes me concerned for the state of education in Cleveland.

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