In a Quandary, or It’s Payback Time!

During the wee hours last night, eCrush Boy and I talked. First I made fun of his new found love of all things Alaskan, next we discussed the reasons why I can’t return Bionic Kitty to the cat shelter after I’ve had her for four years, and finally we touched on my Snooping Incident. He seems to find the entire event hilarious while I am having a typical girl reaction. I’ve moved beyond appreciating the humor and am just mildly irritated by the whole thing. Since removing my ovaries is not an acceptable way to deal with my feelings, I have decided that a little retaliatory welcome home gift is in order. It’ll make me feel better; it’ll be funny; it’ll help reestablish the relationship equilibrium.

For hours, I’ve been wracking my sleep deprived brain, trying to come up with the Perfect Idea. Something that is witty, evokes snooping-related overtones, but is also jestful. Something that captures the essence of Me and maybe even Us. Something that’s non-destructive but maybe tinged with a small bit of maniacal humor. But ultimately, something we can laugh over.

I’ve got about 48 hours, an apartment key, and Eight Loyal Readers at my disposal. Somebody out there has to have an idea. Please help me, Interwebs,you’re my only hope!


6 Responses to “In a Quandary, or It’s Payback Time!”

  1. sofarleft Says:

    How about “Got Hope?” buttons on all of his shirts? If you adhere them with hot glue, they’re basically there forever… And definitely make those silk boxers into a festive toy for Bionic Kitty. She deserves a shredable treat.

  2. kjohnsonesq Says:

    Erin — still kind of like your idea from last night…you know, the one where I replace the note?

  3. Laina Says:

    You need an encoded note. And a super spy decoder ring.

  4. areyoureallyalawyer Says:

    I think you def. need to take some retribution out on the ugly pants.

  5. E Says:

    Everything I have… wouldn’t work at this level in your relationship.

    Ummm, replace his fun stuff in the bathroom with a copy of Step It Up 2 and grocery bag? Er.

  6. laura Says:

    I was going to say replace the note….but maybe in a different place? Perhaps in his goodie stash in the bathroom? It could be a teasing type of “tsk-tsk” note. Of course, do not tell him you’re putting it in there.

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