I have two more months of this?

I am an undecided voter. Apparently, this makes me the Target of Everybody.

Over the weekend, I made the mistake of mentioning to my conservative mother that I was sort of intrigued by Obama’s acceptance speech. The next day, I open my email to find a multi-page manifesto from my father, comparing Obama to Carter (aka The Worst President We Ever Had) and noting, among other things, that Carter brought us the 55mph speed limit. I have a lead foot. Genius Dad knows his audience.

Then, like the non-thinking idiot that I am, I mentioned this missive of love to my liberal friend from law school. I also might have said that I was looking forward to hearing from the other side of the political fences. Two hours later, Bam! I get another novella on the evils of McCain and The Other People Who Ruined the Proud Nation. She harped on pro-choice ideals and The Supreme Court and other stuff I find immensely important. Gah.

I don’t like Biden. I don’t like Palin. My Republican Employed boyfriend has lots to say on this issue. Ditto every other person in every other conversation I seem to have. In the bathroom today, a random lady even started talking politics as I answered the call of nature. That was the point I reached my tolerance threshold.

I’m getting forwards, links, and statistics thrown at me by well meaning friends. There’s quotes from scary conservative bloggers threatening doom and quotes from scary liberal bloggers foretelling gloom. Today, I got two calls from prominent news magazines to which I subscribe. At some point weeks ago, I had self-identified as undecided in their early polls. Now they call all the freakin’ time to ask me questions and, more importantly, to see if I’ve figured out who I am going to vote for. Heck, it even feels like every status message my buddies currently have on Facebook, gChat, or wherever all somehow relate to The Election.

I know that my friends and family are acting out of some crazed form of love. Plus, they care and that is a great thing. Really, I get that. But frankly I am tried of it. I am doing research, I am reading, I am listening. I will watch the debates. Ultimately, I am a highly educated individual and perfectly capable of making up my own mind irrespective of what anybody emails me or says or asks. And yes, I do in fact realize this is a Very Important Election that might actually Be Close. I also recognize that I live in a swing state so it might even Matter More which way I vote. Regardless, I have a simple request:

Stop harassing me, people!


7 Responses to “I have two more months of this?”

  1. Laina Says:

    What, other people besides me are running for office? I hadn’t noticed. 😉

  2. areyoureallyalawyer Says:

    There’s an election going on?

  3. Spencer Says:

    There is always Bob Barr!

  4. E Says:

    I was right there with you until this week. However, after the last presidential election where everyone was all “WE HATE YOU, OHIO! YOU DUMB@$$ MOTHERF^(%ERS!” I instated a strict no politics rule.

    I do my best not to talk about them and I ask others do the same in my company. We always had a ‘no politics’ rule growing up because my family was very serious about an individuals vote being the sole business of that person and no one else.

    *gives cookies, ear plugs, some nice strong tea, and a cone of political silence*

  5. laura Says:

    Bob Barr. Problem solved. : )

    That wasn’t a novella, now was it?

  6. Dom Says:

    This is going to make me sound both incredibly apathetic and perhaps even a bit unintelligent..

    But I don’t vote because it’s not likely for it to matter here (CA). And since my theoretical preference for the next leader of this country has almost no effect, I base it off of who I think will be more amusing in the hands of political comedians.

    I was hoping I’d get to see Bill play the sax again. But now I’m indifferent.

    Happy voting!

  7. Kate Says:

    Sometimes it truly pains me to be from The State Everyone Relies Upon to Call the Election.

    Try not to take it personally: To people who have already decided their candidate, this is a huge, huge, personal, painful matter, and we want to say everything we possibly can to everyone we possibly can. If it matters this much to us, it ought to matter this much to you! And we want to tell you! And we want to be annoying & intrusive about it!

    Exclamation points aside… seriously. It’s difficult to reign myself (ourselves) in.

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