The somewhat inadvertent thievery of a wireless connection

Without internet access, a computer is nothing but a big old iTunes jukebox with a mouse. And I know, since it seems I am temporarily without home access to the World Wide Interweb. Apparently, I was inadvertently stealing wireless from some guy named Joe. The story goes like this:

Minutes after moving into Chez Apartment, I called the Internet People. They allegedly flipped a magical switch that turned on my wireless. A month later, they started billing me, the internet was working like a champ, and all was right in my universe. At any given point in the day, I could do Important Things. I would simply fire up the Mac and watch YouTube or forward dirty emails or find out which Hollyhood Celeb just birthed spawn. Then, one very dark afternoon, it all came crashing down. There was no more internet; not even porn pop-ups, which I seem to get all the time for some unexplainable reason. It all just stopped.

Who, in this Modern Age, can live without the Magic of Facebook or a Buffy the Vampire Slayer Chatroom? Not I. Immediately I called my Dad, the Computer Genius. He tried to help but it was Beyond Him. So, I once again rang up the Internet People. But this time, I was all panicked and sweating. My bill was paid, my Mac was not Revolting, all was in order on my end. So the Internet Peeps ran a Diagnostic. I’m not sure how that works without the Magic of the Interweb to diagnostic through. Maybe they slap it out into the Ether and do the Hokey Pokey? But regardless, after many hours of fruitless Investigation and after much Talking To Your Supervisor, Please, the Web Folks let me know they had actually never flipped the Magical Switch that would allow me access. Oops. Their Bad.

The obvious next question was how did I have access all these months? The Lone Person at Internet Provider Who Actually Knows What They Are Doing walked me through a Little Process on my computer. I still don’t know what it was. But it popped up a screen and that showed me where the wireless came from…

I would now like to Publicly Thank Joe for the use of his interwebs. And tell the Feds that I didn’t mean to steal. And tell Internet Provider how much they suck because I am not getting Home Interweb installed for another three weeks. Boo.


2 Responses to “The somewhat inadvertent thievery of a wireless connection”

  1. E Says:

    So… are they giving you your money back in some form?

  2. Alexandra Says:

    Just a bold statement. Just in all its

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