Do not forget…

Tonight’s the night, folks:


My inner teen is jumping up and down in glee.

But after the fiasco that was last night’s episode of Gossip Girl, it had better include:
1. A suitable Brenda-clone.

2. An overload of Eye Candy, preferably without shirts.

3. Headbands. And not the good Blair Waldorf kind.

4. Eye Candy. Maybe in Speedos.

5. Snarky dialog delivered in thinly veiled mockery of The Hills.

6. Eye Candy. Nude.

Updated post-90210 viewing to say: There was no redeeming that show. None. Not even with a Dirty Old Grandma Who Likes the Gin. Love her! Almost as much as I love Brenda! But even Brenda couldn’t bring this back to life. And how about when they showed a guy with a popped collar? Three times! And Kelly Taylor has a Love Child. Or at least a kid without a Present Daddy. My world is shattered.


2 Responses to “Do not forget…”

  1. michelle Says:

    I am ready… but I think they may be going overboard with a 2 hour premiere.

  2. E Says:

    I’m staying away, for various reasons, but let us know if you like it. Maybe I’ll look it up then.

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