Playing Tour Guide, or Amy and I engage in Hijinks

Many moons ago, my friendtasticular friend Amy came to visit. She’s been yelling at me ever since. Something about posting the pictures from our Special Bonding Time. She says it’s so people know I have A Real Friend. Personally, I just think she wants to be famous. Well, famous among my Seven Loyal Readers, anyway. After much Personal Angst, reinstalling my new camera software six (yes, SIX) times, and a moment when I decided my Mac was possessed and wanted to call a Witch Doctor to make it all better, I have Triumphed Over Technology and successfully uploaded the pictures.

So, Amy, here you go. You can stop pretending to like me now.

Amy in Georgetown. She misguidedly agreed to take a Canal Tour.

Amy expressing her disgust with my Canal Tour idea. She is now in charge of Weekend Event Planning.

We've spotted Elvis. Weekend Complete.

I'm talented.

Amy attempted 945,704,750,378,450,930,497 pictures while I was riding the Carousel on the Mall. Only two came out.

Water ballet.

More prima ballerina.

Sculpture love. Touching the statues is Forbidden. We are Rebels.

Completely random Little Girl.

I saw Kermit! And Fraggles!

Tacky Tourist Amy on her way to the Tacky Tourist Pub Crawl.

All tourists wear Crocs. You know they do.

These girls are Saving the Ta-Tas via Susan B. Kormen. They organize shenanigans like Tacky Tourists Pub Crawls. I like them.

A Tacky Tourist in her natural habitat.

We found a Foto Fun booth!!!!!! Frivolity ensued.

Amy holds my drinks. Yes, drinks. It was crowded.

Somebody needs more beer. And I don't think it's me.

Georgetown again. Mainly because Amy loves it sooooo much. Yuppies are Her People.

Apparently this dog is famous. I am not sure how. But his owner says.

The end.


3 Responses to “Playing Tour Guide, or Amy and I engage in Hijinks”

  1. Jocelyn Says:

    You now have Eight Loyal Readers! Your blog makes me laugh. Thanks for coming over to take a peek at mine. 🙂

  2. laura Says:

    Looks like fun!

  3. DLM Says:

    Burn the crocs. Seriously. Burn them.

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