Today’s Metro Lesson: You take one for your football team

Yep, I was the crazy person today on the Metro and boy did I get some Serious Looks. It was understandable. I mean, how often do you see a person wearing a nut necklace during the early morning commute? Apparently very few people in The District are familiar with the Wonders of The Ohio State University Football Team and the resulting fandom. Being a True Fan who is psyching up for the Season Opener tomorrow, I decided to keep with Tradition and sport my OSU gear at work. Yes, I know that actual game is not for 24 hours, but in the Holy Land (aka Columbus, O-H-I-O) people break out the jerseys on Friday* and Saturday. During football season in major swaths of Ohio, Fridays mean jeans and OSU paraphernalia, even in the work place. I was not about to be left out just because I transplanted.

While jeans are a no-go at the Place of Lawyerly Things, I am totally wearing my Block O earrings and my Buckeye necklace. The coup de resistance is I’m “Sporting a Tressel.” For the unfamiliar, that’d be a sweater vest. Mine just happens to be scarlet. Oh, and my long shorts thingies are regulation gray. I’m in full OSU Glory and I look too cute for words.

And just so you know I’m not the only crazy person today, Big Boss is wearing his OSU belt, he’s Sporting a Tressel with an OSU logo (hard core) and…wait for it…he’s wearing a temporary Block O tattoo on his cheek. Maybe I’ll do that next week.

Go Bucks! (See, even Jesus is on board.)

* Note the copier and files in the background. Like I said, I am NOT making this up.


5 Responses to “Today’s Metro Lesson: You take one for your football team”

  1. laura Says:

    OK. I couldn’t wait for lunch.

    Thank you for inspiring Natalie’s outfit today. She will be in one of her 3 (yes, 3) Ohio State onesies. GO BUCKS!!!

    And I love how they used the highway Jesus for the H. Blasphemous, and yet, still awesome.

  2. Laina Says:

    Is that what I’ve heard referred to as the “Big Butter Jesus”?

    And why are we not seeing the awesomeness that is your “True Fan” look for today? Lots of links to pics, no K in any of them!

  3. kjohnsonesq Says:

    Um, have you ever tried to take a picture of yourself, upload it on your non-existent home internet connection, and do it all before work? Without Diet Coke in the house? I am good, but not that good.

  4. Laina Says:


  5. vvk Says:

    GO BUCKS!!!

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