Oh God No: It’s Spreading.

This is a sign that the apocalypse is coming, right? Why are we rolling jeans again? Whyyyyyeeeeeeeee?


2 Responses to “Oh God No: It’s Spreading.”

  1. laura Says:

    “We” are not rolling our jeans. “They” are rolling their jeans on the tragic advice of poorly misguided stylists. And “we” will laugh at “them.”

  2. kjohnsonesq Says:

    Yeah, we will laugh at them. Until one day, we start rolling our jeans again. And don’t say it will never happen. Because that’s what I said about boot cut jeans. And Uggs.

    On the fateful day I do roll ’em, chances are good that “Hangin’ Tough” is going to be my mental soundtrack for the entire time I have ’em on.

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