I am so doing this over the weekend!

Ever wonder how to wire a redneck hot dog cooker? Me neither. But I’m better for the knowledge.

Other enjoyables:

Killing a vampire. Just in case. Surviving a zombie attack. It might happen, too. They tend to go hand in hand.

Make a talkbox out of a toilet plunger. I am not sure what a talkbox is but it’s from a toilet plunger. Gotta be cool.

Reusing useless crap to make a remote controlled boat thing. Hello, my inner nerd!

Redneck roller coaster! Sign me up. Ditto the redneck rocket launcher.

Adding extra pockets to a duct tape wallet: life skill.

Slide down a pole. In a pole-sliding way. Ahem.

How to find yourself a nice white guy. Because they’re not like, a lot of the population!


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