iPhone appears to be making the loonies angry

As a person who works in a Place of Lawyerly Things and has a fairly pricey legalish education behind her, I love hearing about funky litigation. Or attempted litigation. Or litigation where there is an element of crazy.

I found this on Denver’s Craigslist the other day (I am not making this up):

Looking for a attorney(s) to make a big class action in regards to Apple/ATT such as being done in California and other states.

Some problems are 2 years contracts from ATT in regards to G3 networks and the Iphone not working on the G3 network and defaulting to the G2 (edge) network and this is bad and not write or fair
and very misleading information on battery life in addition to Apple not allowing a G3 phone to be unblocked by a phone that has been disconnect from att..ATT seems to think the own the phone for 2 years, even if you transfer the service to another Iphone….

  • Location: Colorado, Denver
  • Compensation: %

2 Responses to “iPhone appears to be making the loonies angry”

  1. Laina Says:

    Wow. I had trouble even deciphering that BS.

    And in somewhat related news, I think I’ll just continue using my old iPhone till they work the bugs out of the new system. I love my iPhone.

  2. laura Says:

    wow….was that even English?

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