What’s in a name? A few random news links

I really don’t understand what types of drugs people must be on when they decide to name their child Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii. Or what about Sex Fruit? And naive little me thought Pilot Inspector was bad. And speaking of names, it appears 50 Cent doesn’t want to change his, even if Taco Bell wants him to.


3 Responses to “What’s in a name? A few random news links”

  1. Laina Says:

    It’s actually Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee. Yes, pretty bad. An f’ed up name is bad enough, but when it’s a MISSPELLED f’ed up name, even worse.

    Check out a whole site devoted to bad baby names:


    I wonder if Cordelia is on there…. 😉

  2. kjohnsonesq Says:

    I checked the “bottom 25” and it’s not. So there. 🙂

  3. AnonaEsq Says:

    Poor little Pilot Inspektor, he should have to go through life with an odd name. He might end up an attorney like Laine, whose parents forgot an initial vowel or me, whose non-French speaking parents accidentally named her Pineapple.

    Consider Tallulah Belle Willis, crotch fruit of Bruce and Demi. She disliked her name so much that she legally changed it to something equally mellifluous, Lula Willis. New name, same name, ridiculous name.

    Take advice from The Pineapple, give your child a name that he or she can find on pencils or stickers at the dollar store.

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