Evil Genius in a Musical Form, or “What a Crazy Random Happenstance”

My Dear Fellow Peoplekind:

I am about to enlighten your otherwise ho-hum Wednesday by telling you about the wonderfulness that is Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. It springs forth from the genius mind of Joss Whedon (aka the Man Who Helps Me Get My Inner Geek On). Apparently, he was bored during the Writer’s Strike and decided to write and produce a three act musical extravaganza. The title character, an every-man’s super villain type, is played by Neil Patrick Harris. That’s right. Doogie Howser is evil! And the premise is simple: our anti-hero is trying to take over the world via freeze ray and song. Musical hilarity ensues. Oh, and there’s a girl and Captain Hammer and…Just trust me, it’s goodness.

This masterwork is only available on the interwebs now. Specifically on iTunes. And all the Dr. Horrible evilness can be yours for a low, low price. Not sure of what, but it’s worth it. Now go. Scatter! Download! You will thank me.

That is all.


2 Responses to “Evil Genius in a Musical Form, or “What a Crazy Random Happenstance””

  1. Spencer Says:

    yeah i bought it… haven’t watched it yet. i have a little work to do. maybe i’ll check it out tonight.

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