You’ve Gotta Have Life Goals…

So here they are:

1. Finish the NY Times Sunday crossword without cheating.

2. Cross the Canadian Border.

3. Ditto Mexico.

4. Drink the recommended daily water requirement.

5. Host a ‘80s prom themed party.

6. Go to a Barney’s sale and buy something frivolous and ridiculously expensive.

7. Be on Jeopardy!

8. Surf in Australian waters. Avoid sharks.

9. Road trip across the U.S. with a rockin’ soundtrack and destination map ala Elizabethtown.

10. Publish a piece of fiction. Ideally someplace reputable, and with a paycheck involved.

11. Watch Planet Earth.

12. Be admitted to the Supreme Court of the United States Bar.

13. Donate all the books that touched my heart as a child to a rural library.

14. Be kissed in the rain. Passionately. The kind where the guy leans you back.

15. Walk on the Great Wall of China.

16. Give a ridiculous sum of money anonymously.

17. Live in London for a year. Bonus points if it’s with Prince William.

18. Buy a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes and wear them. Bliss.

19. Sky Dive. And don’t pee pants beforehand.

20. Be able to tell one good joke. Just one. Where people actually laugh when I’m done.

21. Try a kiwi.

22. Karaoke “Livin’ On A Prayer.” Being drunk is OK.

23. Own stock in a socially responsible organization in which I believe.

24. Bring back the A-OK sign with Amy.

25. Go to Fashion Week. Bring cookies to pass out to the models.

26. Less drama, more love.

27. Read the Bible.

28. Invent something that qualifies for a patent.

29. Ride a horse without clutching the reigns in terror.

30. Conquer lactose intolerance.

31. Learn more about art and/or wine and/or cheese.

32. See Machu Picchu.

33. Spend sundown to sunrise on the beach, with a campfire and a group of friends. Beer optional.

34. Speaking of beer, go to Oktoberfest and drink a beer as big as my head.

35. See the World’s Largest Ball of String.

36. Learn how to make a decent cream sauce.

37. See the Pacific Ocean. In person.

38. Organize my photos, complete with labels and archival paper boxes.

39. See the rain forest, and do that rope/zip thingie.

40. Get into a food fight.

41. Host an annual Ground Hog Day party.

42. See Madonna in concert. Vogue while in the audience.

43. Run with the bulls. Don’t get gored.

44. Tour the National Archives and Records Administration.

45. Plant a tree in honor of each of my grandfathers.

46. Apologize. I know what for.

47. Take a little girl to the ice capades. Get her an icy.

48. Visit Versailles.

49. Read The Canterbury Tales and The Screwtape Letters and In Search of Lost Time.

50. Laugh more.


2 Responses to “You’ve Gotta Have Life Goals…”

  1. Laina Says:

    I’ve done 15. *blush* It’s nice. And I can do 36, also. But I can’t believe you’ve never had kiwi. If you come home to visit, I will feed you kiwi, AND we have one of those rope zippy things here in Hocking Hills that you can practice on for the real ones. 🙂

  2. Me Says:

    Same weekend we can get together and knock out 1,2,22,31,40, and 33 at the North coasst. and i’m sure we can find someone to handle 14. and you can always hook me up with 16.

    At the north coast you don’t need 37 and if you don’t mind substatuting the bulls with walleye we can do 73 too.

    as far as 30 is concerned just taek chuck Noris’ perspective and don’t be intelerant of Lactose, jsut refuse to put up with its’ shit!

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