Today’s Metro Lesson: Look before you sit

Yesterday, Bestest Friend Forever and I were riding the Metro and behold, the coveted first seat was available. We almost sat. Then we noticed a slight problem… 


Water collects

Water collects on the ceiling, along the panel seam.



Yet more water collects. Cue ominous music.

Yet more water collects. Cue ominous music.




Splash! Water collects

Splash! Water on the Metro seat. It's Metro Magic!


Turns out the air conditioning was on overdrive and mysteriously letting off condensation. At each stop, riders would line-backer towards the seat only to realize that plowing down the old lady was fruitless and they had to stand after all. BFF wanted to know why there was no little “wet area” cone or other appropriate signage on the seat. I just wanted to see somebody get a damp fanny. Clearly, she’s the moral one in the relationship. 


The best part about all this? There was a WMATA official standing right by the dripping seat, taking no action, per usual. He was too engaged in transporting highly sensitive inter-office communication.


2 Responses to “Today’s Metro Lesson: Look before you sit”

  1. MetroMan Says:

    LMAO that is great!

    I’ll definitely be cross posting this entry on iMetro!

    Maybe they should start doing baptisms on metro?

    Those overhead panels look like the ones at the very end/front of the car. Tsk tsk. Not only buses, but trains too. Maybe its meteorological terrorists?

  2. Today’s Metro Lesson: Thank You Metro (and I actually mean that) « Who Invented Roses Says:

    […] Metro rarely gets Atta Boys. And that’s understandable. Between the delayed trains, broken buses, dripping AC vents and sex rings operating from the stations, there’s a lot for the Ridership to complain about. But […]

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