Today’s Metro Lesson: Don’t breathe

I was riding up the escalator at Farragut West. It was early; I was grumpy and dreaming of caffeine.

Suddenly, the woman in front of me starts to do a little wiggle thing. Sort of like a stationary jig.

Out of nowhere, she passes gas. But it was so much more than that. If the hoi polloi refer to the bodily function as “wind,” then this was “gale force hurricane.” And her rear was on level with my face.

That is all.


3 Responses to “Today’s Metro Lesson: Don’t breathe”

  1. gChat Buddy Says:

    Dude, the blog is hilarious. You should update more. Commute commiseration is necessary to make it in this town.

  2. gChat Buddy Says:

    UPDATE THE BLOG!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. MetroMan Says:


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