Washington Post Article On That Movie

I’m still secretly reeling (ha! I crack myself up) from meeting Mr. Hottie. And then a friend sent me this Washington Post Article.

“Director Kevin Macdonald, who helmed “The Last King of Scotland,” wanted Rosslyn for its long escalator and its station platform. One character goes down the escalator to the platform, where trains rush by on the upper and lower levels at the same time. It’s the only such configuration in the Metro system.” Told you the escalator was long, Mom!

And apparently, “Directors love the distinctive look of Washington’s subway — its vaulted ceilings, long escalators and shiny trains with the “M” logo.” Yes! I knew moving to DC was a good thing. Nothing like this ever happens in Ohio. And I am informed by reliable sources (aka People at the Place of Lawyerly Things) that movies get filmed here all the time. Watch me become a movie set whore!


One Response to “Washington Post Article On That Movie”

  1. me Says:

    SO if we watch this movie we’ll get to see the spot where you fell on your ass and hurt your back???

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