T Minus One Week, Or Something Like That

I will be in DC in about one week and for the last two days, I’ve been frantically preparing. That’s meant getting high from cleaning fumes mixed with an extreme lack of sleep and trying to run errands amid seeing friends last minute. If I tape one more box or take another load of stuff out to the Salvation Army, I will poke my eyes out with my labeling marker (which I am continuously misplacing in my rush out the door to meet so and so). But finally, everything is packed expect for the stuff I am still using daily and the computer and that one shelf system I still have to take down and the corners I still have to put on my pictures. It shouldn’t take me more than another two hours to pack what’s left and another hour to clean. Well, let’s be realistic. Six hours. It always takes twice as long as originally anticipated. Wait. Seven hours. I forgot I have to pack up my food still. Drat. But wait! Little Sister has been forcefully lodged at my place for the Thanksgiving holiday so she can be corralled into helping. Haha! I have another pair of reluctant hands I can force into working. Back down to four hours. Thank you, Great Packing God. I am therefore going to be while it is still technically Monday.


One Response to “T Minus One Week, Or Something Like That”

  1. Kelly Says:

    Looking forward to hearing about your drive today… Hope you made it there before the traffic got really bad.

    Really gonna miss you!

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