Man marries a dog and other random stuff for the day…

I’m not kidding. Read all about it here.

Useless factoids. Some of which is actually really interesting and will be brought out at my going away cocktail hour on Friday.

Um a rather strange post that describes 100 ways to say I love you.

Pictures of the insides of people’s fridges. The poor man’s version of Cribs, I guess.

This is one way to find the person you missed on the morning commute.

A new report from The Onion: outsourcing of childcare.

Art made of nothing but toothpicks and nails. Man has skills. And too much time on his hands.


2 Responses to “Man marries a dog and other random stuff for the day…”

  1. me Says:

    Here’s another useless factoid; most of these usesless factoids can be found on the wall above the toilet in the mens room of On Tap.

    It’s entertaining to read as you do your business, but they don’t change them very often.

  2. me Says:

    Oh, i remembered one from the mens room tha tisn’t on the list.

    It is illegal to mail a building cross country via the U.S. Postal service. This was because a guy in the 18 hundreds figured out it was cheaper to mail his 40 thousand ton brick building- brick by brick rather than have a dedicated parcel service ship it.

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