Endings and Beginnings…

I feel like this blog came full circle today. Today, I am unemployed — well, for about a month. And this blog began during my stint of unemployment. Anyway, as a few of my Five Loyal Readers know, I left the Place of Lawyerly Things this afternoon to purse a new job. In a new city. There I said it. And I think I just peed my pants.

I’ve not written lately because I was wrapped up in the whirl of interviews and cover letters and pro/con lists. Then there was the Great Debate between moving to Chicago or Washington, D.C. I was simultaneously blessed and cursed to have two amazing job offers with two amazing companies and I agonized and agonized over what to do. I bit my nails, I asked everybody I knew for input, I just wanted somebody to say, “Dude, shut up all ready and move here.” But of course it was not that easy. I had to be a big girl and make the decision. Slowly, one became the clearly better option and in a month I am off to a New Place of Lawyerly Things. In Washington, D.C. Where Little Sister just happens to live and does stuff that I can’t talk about or she would have to come break all my fingers in retribution.

While I choose to move for very good reasons, like insanely expensive car insurance and the fact that really it was time to put up or shut up, it still scares the holy bejesus out of me. I’m a Roots kind of gal. As in, I have them and they are planted very deep. Very Deep. All the way to bloody, red China deep. Leaving my friends and family behind is like not only cutting off a limb, but also cutting off the other three and expecting me to be normal. Eventually I will adjust but it’s going to take awhile.

And I never expect to be so shaken up about leaving the Place of Lawyerly Things but there was real comfort zone there. I knew my job, I was excellent at it, and I honestly loved what I did. While I will be doing much the same, at the New Place of Lawyerly Things, I will be in charge. Crap. Now I have to be nice to people. And show sense. And be rational. I have raging PMS 24 days of the month and the other 6, I am bleeding. There are no rational moments for me and realizing this, I’ve all ready starting practicing counting to 10 in times of stress and anger. So far, I’m up to one and a quarter. Not bad.

Anyway, here I am at 4:22, at home. Usually, I would have at least an hour or two left to work. And I have an entire month before I have to be in D.C. Sure, I have a lot of things to do. My list is as long as my arm and double sided. But it’ll get done and before I know it, I’ll be a Little Girl in a Big City.


One Response to “Endings and Beginnings…”

  1. spencer Says:

    Congratulations on finally picking a spot! Laura and I will be visiting for a month sometime in 2009 (make sure you keep your calendar clear). Hopefully we’ll make it up there before then, though.

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