My Second Super Sweet Sixteen

Liberation Fest 2007 was last night. From the “I’m hung over and it is all your fault” calls I’ve gotten today, it seems the event was a success. The festivities were particularly enjoyed by the second wave of partygoers. Yeah, that bunch of 20 plus that showed up at 1:30 when I was getting ready to clean up. Not that mind. My fridge is now blessedly free of beer and wine. And the classy liquor was even consumed. At 2:30, even a martini made with Gordon’s Vodka (a liter for the bargain price of $8.93 plus a $2 mail in rebate I have every intention of mailing) tastes really good. During clean up this morning, I realized I’m even out of the case of Bud Light cans I bought for the “holy sh!t, we are out of beer” moment. Thankfully, I won’t be making any beer can chicken this week with those leftovers…

One of my favorite people is currently downstairs, sleeping off the mental effects of the party. It seems that events like Liberation Fest not only contribute to hang overs, but can lead to people doing crazy things like professing their undying love to that Certain Someone in a moment of delusion. I blame the Lady Blyth whiskey. Anyway, one of my favorite people from the Thursday Night Single Gal Gatherings seems to have repressed some feelings for a guy friend of mine. In the perfect storm of alcohol, horniness, and confidence instilled by a killer pair of Christian Louboutins, the feelings surfaced and spilled out. I guess Louboutins really are an aphrodisiac because they hooked up. Repeatedly. And she showed up at my house at about 6:00 this evening. She’d just engaged in what I think must be the best Walk of Shame moment ever: leaving his house at 5:45 p.m. the next day with his four room mates and other assorted friends returning from the OSU game at the exact moment. Understandably she drove like a mad woman over to my house for some post-hookup analysis. Before she had arrived I had all ready gotten three phone calls from people who saw her leave and from the guy she spent the night with. Seems they really like each other and have a date on Monday night. So, after we dissected every possible thing this situation could imply and had eaten a lot of left over Skittles and cookies and cashews in the process, she fell asleep on my couch, and still in her Look At Me Shoes and clothes from last night. I love my friends.

So, here I am. In about two hours, I’m going to see a midnight showing of A Place in the Sun with a friend. Best of all, I am the driver. For one lovely month, I will be in possession of my car and will actually pay my insurance provider $60 a day to drive. Yeah, highway robbery, but in my mind, it is worth is for a month of freedom. One month and then I go back to depending on the Parental Taxi Service for grocery runs. October 7th will be a Day of Personal Mourning and most likely marked by another “come to my house and drink” type of event.


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