Things for Work Procrastination

Phil, this one goes out to you…

1. World’s Most Blinged Gadgets. Yeah, add some crystals and you can charge $3K.

2. The teapot used to say, “Slut” on it. Can’t decide if I like that more or not.

3. Partial face transplants: take half of Jessica Simpson and add it to Paris Hilton. Kind of freaky.

4. Strangest animals in the world. Some are truly odd looking.

5. A candle votive that might actually be appropriate for the annual December “camping” trip.

6. Headhoods. Hahahahahhahhahaha! The hoodie has evolved.

7. Random pretty things for my desk at work.

8. Mama Mia! In Spanish. I think.

9. I’ve always wanted a terrarium.

10. The London skyline now and in 2012. Scroll to the right to really see it. Or go down into the thread to see the labeled version.

11. Monkey suicide? How many more monkeys must die?

12. A clock that keeps really good time.

13. Bloons! It’s fun. It’s addictive. It makes a great popping noise. I love this game.


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