Washing Machine Heaven

For over a year, I’ve been without in-apartment laundry facilities. On more than one occasion, this has caused me to wear something either a bit smelly or kind of ugly. When faced with a clean outfit shortage, one has to make due. And yes, Mom, I’m sure that was not really helping my dating life. Anyway, with no washer and dryer, I’ve had to compile all my dirty clothes for an all-day laundryfests at Chez Parental. It was always a huge pain involving the transport, cleaning, and folding of at least 8 very full loads. If I was feeling feisty, there could be even more if I actually swashed every sock, bra, pair of undies, and light colored T-shirt I owned into separate, delicate loads as per the official washing instructions. If I pushed the dirty clothes situation much past three weeks, I would generally be forced to strategically plan my underwear use. Once, when things got really bad, I resorted to hand-washing the unmentionables in order to last another week. The downfall to this plan became apparent when Bionic Kitty and Number Two started to jump from the bathroom vanity to the shower pole in order to knock down the drying undies. Apparently wet cotton is the place for cats to sleep in the dead of summer. I learned the hard way that getting cat hair out by hand-washing is not easy. Eventually, I just had to admit defeat and live with a scratchy butt until I could once again use real laundry facilities.

Recently, I got a new-to-me washer and dryer. In the week leading up to the install, I was having fantasies about buying Tide at the grocery store and causally running into the Maytag Repair Man (the young one) in the detergent aisle and… But I digress. I’ve got the washer and dryer. I’ve got clean bedding. I’ve got all clean clothes except the pair of undies I’m currently sitting in. Yep, only these are dirty. Yes, Mom, I know this is probably not hygienic. But the point is only my undies are dirty and I was able to wash everything else. At home. In my basement. Using all the static cling sheets I wanted.

It is a happy day.


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